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Essencia Express Copper Reflux & Pot Still 50L 2KW WB-50A

The new pro-grade Essencia Express Reflux and Pot Still is faster, larger, more flexible and easier ..

Essencia Fermenter Set 30L x 4

The Essencia Fermenter set comes complete with adhesive thermometer, lid, tap, grommet and airlock. ..

Essencia Condenser Packing Set

Replacement column packing specifically for use in the essencia Express Purifier - Condenser...

Essencia Condenser Thermometer Bung 22 - 28mm

Professional food grade, temperature-resistant silicone bung. Silicone is a superior material to th..

Essencia Express 50cm Copper triclamp extension

Extend the reflux column of your still with this 2" Triclamp extension. Contains one 50cm extension..

Essencia Express Boiler 50L 2KW

The high-quality 304 stainless steel 50L, 2KW boiler can distill from 5L to 45L of wash, and comes w..

Essencia Express Copper Reflux / Pot Condenser Kit

The new pro-grade Essencia Express Reflux and Pot Condenser is faster, more flexible and easier to u..

Essencia Express Sight Glass Botanical Kit

Use this 2" triclamp sight glass to view your dstillation, or as a botanical basket for gin with the..

Essencia Express Triclamp Condenser Adapter Kit

Upgrade your original blue Essencia Condenser to 2" triclamp with this kit. (1 Adapter, 1 Adapter l..

Essencia Express Triclamp Lid Adapter kit.

Upgrade your bioler lid to 2" triclamp fittings with this kit. Fits 42 - 47mm lid holes. (one adap..

Essencia Silicone Tubing 3m pack

Silicone is a superior material to traditional vinyl tubing. Silicone is food-safe, heat-resistant,..

Essencia Thermometer - Dial

The Essencia Dial thermometer fits into the thermometer bung used on the head of an Essencia Condens..

Essencia Thermometer - Digital Cooling Water Out with Tee

Measure your cooling water out for accurate distilling with the Essencia Express. Complete with tee..
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