Brick Road Beer

(COMING SOON!) Follow Brick Road and you will soon be brewing fresh beer that’s better than store-bought.  Brick Road brings you the world's best malts, hops and yeasts, for you to build your own unique beer styles, brick-by-brick.  Brick Road brewing was created from a passion for making the very best fresh beer at home, simply and easily.  We searched the world to find the very best maltsters with over 100 years of experience to create the exceptional Brick Road beer wort contained in each can:  Only the finest grains are selected for malting. The grains are then steeped in pure water and allowed to sprout over 5 days, before drying and kilning.  Different malts are blended for grist to suit the beer style, then mashed, resulting in wort.  The fresh wort is gently reduced to 80 Brix before being sealed fresh into this can on-site to retain its original delicious malt flavours. 

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