Essencia Spirits

The Essencia brand is synonymous with quality and innovation - producing some of New Zealand's favourite flavourings and spirits-making equipment for over 20 years.  The team at NZ Craft Brewing Co have teamed up with Essencia to make it more easily available to you, the home brew retailer.

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Essencia Banana Cream 5 x 28ml

Rich and smooth with the taste of freshly peeled bananas...

Essencia Butterscotch Cream 5 x 28ml

A deliciously sweet, easy drinking cream liqueur...

Essencia Butterscotch Schnapps 5 x 28ml

A deliciously sweet, premium quality Schnapps. Enjoy it neat or in a dessert cocktail...

Essencia Carbon Filter System (max. 6 per order)

The original, revolutionary bench top carbon treatment system. Never touch carbon again with this a..

Essencia Caribbean Rum 5 x 28ml

A deep and rich Jamaican rum with a slight sweetness and a hint of spice...

Essencia Coconut Rum 5 x 28ml

A light Barbados rum blending coconut and sugar cane with soft butter notes...

Essencia Coffee Cream 5 x 28ml

Indulgent, smooth and luxurious with the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans...

Essencia Coffee Liqueur 5 x 28ml

Capturing the essence of fresh roasted premium Mexican coffee blended with a selection of rums...

Essencia Condenser Packing Set (max. 5 per order)

Replacement column packing specifically for use in the essencia Express Purifier - Condenser...

Essencia Ezibase Cream Mix 1L (max. 12 per order)

Ready to use liquid base for making any cream liqueur. Each 1 litre bottle makes up two 1125ml cream..

Essencia EziBase Liqueur & Schnapps Mix 1L (max. 12 per order)

Ready to use liquid base for making any non-cream liqueur or Schnapps. Each 1 litre bottle can make ..

Essencia Fermanagh Whiskey 5 x 28ml (max 1 per order)

A smoky peat single malt. With a uniquely smooth and fully rounded flavour, this Irish whiskey will ..

Essencia Filter: Replacement Lid

Replacement part for the essencia Carbon Filter...

Essencia Filter: Replacement Upper Reservoir

Replacement part for the essencia Carbon Filter...

Essencia Gin 5 x 28ml

Making 5 litres, this is the best value high quality gin available. A botanical taste experience - p..

Essencia Grandier 5 x 28ml

A delightful blend of cognac and wild tropical orange - a taste of great character and distinction...

Essencia Irish Cream 5 x 28ml

A cream liqueur with strong vanilla and whisky tones. A rich and fulsome evocation of the mystery's ..

Essencia Kentucky Bourbon 5 x 28ml

This is a fantastic Bourbon with warm Vanilla and Oak notes which will appeal to all drinkers of the..

Essencia Melon Cream 5 x 28ml

Rich, smooth and refreshing. A pleasant hot weather reviver...

Essencia Melonori 5 x 28ml

A bright green, sweet Japanese honeydew melon flavoured liqueur. Very refreshing...

Essencia Navy Rum 5 x 28ml

A dark, sweet rum modelled on the original high seas Navy issue 'tot'...

Essencia Rye Whisky 5 x 28ml

The royal crown of ryes, for those who enjoy the finest Canadian rye whisky. This has also proven to..

Essencia Scotch Whisky 5 x 28ml

A top quality scotch with subtle peat and oak notes and the long lasting taste of the highlands. A s..

Essencia Scottish Liqueur 5 x 28ml

A smooth and sumptuous whisky liqueur with a hint of heather honey...

Essencia Tequila (Gold) 5 x 28ml

A golden Tequila with subtle agave notes and a hint of oak...

Essencia Triple Sec 5 x 28ml

Strong and clear with orange overtones - makes the perfect Margarita...

Essencia VSOP Brandy 5 x 28ml

A brandy of exceptional character. A rich, smooth and full cognac flavour with a wonderful grape aro..

Essencia Walkers Whisky 5 x 28ml

The authentic taste in Scotch Whisky with subtle oak and peat notes...

Essencia White Rum 5 x 28ml

Simply the best. This Caribbean favourite is sure to be the first choice of those who want the true ..
Essencia Bourbon Chunks 500g (max. 4 per order)

Essencia Bourbon Chunks 500g (max. 4 per order)

For those who want to make the best bourbon possible. Made from a blend of fresh barrels from t..
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