HALF PRICE Maltexo UME Amber   28kg (Dated BB 1 Dec 2018)

HALF PRICE Maltexo UME Amber 28kg (Dated BB 1 Dec 2018)




Brewtec UME Wheat  325kg


Maltexo UME Amber 325kg

HALF PRICE Maltexo UME Amber 28kg (Dated BB 1 Dec 2018)

Brands Maltexo
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BREWTEC Brewing Grade Malt Extract - Unhopped Amber
Unhopped Amber malt is made from malted barley and is a brown viscous liquid with a characteristic malt flavour. The extraction process inactivates the diastatic power.

Brewing grade malt extract is intended for use in brewing beer. It can be used as a straight grain malt replacement or, when added to a conventional mash, as a brew extender.

Malt: 94.5% Lager, 3.8% Crystal, 1.3% Black, 0.4% Roasted malts

Organoleptic Properties
Flavour and aroma characteristic of amber malt extract free from any foreign or burnt flavours.

Chemical / Physical Specifications
Attribute                                            Specification
Total Solids (refractometer)             78.5 – 81.5
pH (5% solution)                                 4.7-5.9
Colour (EBC method at 80 Brix)       256-320

Microbiological Specifications
Organism                                            Specification (cfu/g)
Aerobic Plate Count                            <10000
Yeast and Mould                                 <100

Storage Conditions and Shelf life
Packaging                                             Shelf life (unopened)
325kg drums – sku 7292                    2 years
28kg metal pails – sku 7352              2 years

• Ideally storage conditions are at ambient (below 20c) to prevent colour development.
• Attach heating prior to transfer and only as long as needed.
• The extract is sealed to preserve its flavour and sterility. Once the seal has been broken it is recommended to store in cool / refrigerated conditions and use within 2 weeks.